worth (adj.)

Old English weorþ "significant, valuable, of value; valued, appreciated, highly thought-of, deserving, meriting; honorable, noble, of high rank; suitable for, proper, fit, capable," from Proto-Germanic *wertha- "toward, opposite," hence "equivalent, worth" (source also of Old Frisian werth, Old Norse verðr, Dutch waard, Old High German werd, German wert, Gothic wairþs "worth, worthy"), which is of uncertain origin. Perhaps a derivative of PIE *wert- "to turn, wind," from root *wer- (2) "to turn, bend." Old Church Slavonic vredu, Lithuanian vertas "worth" are considered to be Germanic loan-words. From c. 1200 as "equivalent to, of the value of, valued at; having importance equal to; equal in power to."

worth (v.)

"to come to be," now chiefly, if not solely, in the archaic expression woe worth the day, present subjunctive of Old English weorðan "to become, be, to befall," from Proto-Germanic *werthan "to become" (source also of Old Saxon, Old Dutch werthan, Old Norse verða, Old Frisian wertha, Old High German werdan, German werden, Gothic wairþan "to become"), literally "to turn into," from PIE root *wer- (2) "to turn, bend."

worth (n.)

Old English weorþ "value, price, price paid; worth, worthiness, merit; equivalent value amount, monetary value," from worth (adj.). From c. 1200 as "excellence, nobility."

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Definitions of worth from WordNet
worth (n.)
an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value;
10 dollars worth of gasoline
worth (n.)
the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful;
worth (adj.)
having a specified value;
an appraisal determined the antique carved chair was worth $900
worth her weight in gold
not worth his salt
worth (adj.)
(often used ironically) worthy of being treated in a particular way;
an idea worth considering
Synonyms: deserving
Worth (n.)
French couturier (born in England) regarded as the founder of Parisian haute couture; noted for introducing the bustle (1825-1895);
Synonyms: Charles Frederick Worth
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