Words related to word

loan-word (n.)
"word taken untranslated from one language into another," 1860, a translation of German Lehnwort, properly "lend-word," from lehnen "lend" (see lend (v.)) + Word (see word (n.)).
nonce-word (n.)

"word coined for a special occasion," and not likely to be wanted again, 1884, from nonce "for a particular purpose" + word (n.). Said to be a translation of Littré's term mot d'occasion.

password (n.)

"secret word appointed as a sign to distinguish friend from foe," 1798, from pass (v.) + word (n.).

swear-word (n.)
1873, American English colloquial, from swear (v.) + word (n.).
watchword (n.)
also watch-word, c. 1400, "password," from watch (n.) in the military sense of "period of standing guard duty" + word (n.). In the sense of "motto, slogan" it dates from 1738.
wordcraft (n.)
Old English wordcræft "poetic art, eloquence;" see word (n.) + craft (n.).
wordless (adj.)
c. 1200, from word (n.) + -less. Related: Wordlessly.
wordplay (n.)
also word-play, 1855; see word (n.) + play (v.).
wordsmith (n.)
1896, from word (n.) + smith (n.). There is a "Mrs. F. Wordsmith" in the Detroit City Directory for 1855-56, but perhaps this is a typo.
wordy (adj.)
Old English wordig "verbose;" see word (n.) + -y (2).

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