Words related to wood

plywood (n.)

"board made of two or more thin layers of wood bonded together and arranged so that the grain of one runs at right angles to that of the next," 1907, from ply (n.) + wood (n.).

poisonwood (n.)

"small poisonous tree of the West Indies and southern Florida," 1721, from poison (n.) + wood (n.).

rosewood (n.)

1650s, "close-grained wood of various Brazilian trees," from rose (n.1) + wood (n.). The name is due to the scent of some species when freshly cut. Later applied to similar woods from other sources.

touchwood (n.)
1570s, from touch (v.) + wood, probably from the notion of being set alight at the touch of a spark.
woodbine (n.)
Old English wudubinde, a climbing plant, from wudu "wood" (see wood (n.)) + binde "wreath," related to bind (v.). Used of various climbing plants on three continents.
woodchuck (n.)
1670s, alteration (influenced by wood (n.)) of Cree (Algonquian) otchek or Ojibwa otchig, "marten," the name subsequently transferred to the groundhog.
woodcock (n.)
Old English wuducoc, from wudu (see wood (n.)) + coc (see cock (n.1)).
woodcut (n.)
"engraving on wood, or a print made from one," 1660s, from wood (n.) + cut (n.).
wooded (adj.)
"covered with growing trees," c. 1600, from wood (n.).
wooden (adj.)
1530s, from wood (n.) + -en (2). Figurative use by 1560s. Wooden nickel "counterfeit coin, worthless token" is from 1916, American English. Related: Woodenly; woodenness.

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