Words related to wonder

wonderment (n.)
1530s, from wonder (v.) + -ment.
wonder woman (n.)
1912, "ideal woman, woman who seems wonderful or has wonderful qualities," from wonder (n.) + woman. The comic book superheroine debuted in DC Comics in 1941.
wonderful (adj.)
late Old English wunderfoll; see wonder (n.) + -ful. Related: Wonderfully.
wonderland (n.)
"imaginary realm," 1787, from wonder (n.) + land (n.).
wonder-worker (n.)
1590s, from wonder (n.) + worker, translating Greek thaumatourgos. Old English had wundorweorc "miracle."
wondrous (adj.)
c. 1500, from Middle English wonders (adj.), early 14c., originally genitive of wonder (n.), with suffix altered by influence of marvelous, etc. As an adverb from 1550s. Related: Wondrously; wondrousness.
wunderkind (n.)
child prodigy (especially in music), 1883 in English (earlier as a German word in German contexts), from German Wunderkind, literally "wonder-child." For first element see wonder (n.). Second is German Kind "child" (see kind (n.)).