Words related to wide

nationwide (adj.)

also nation-wide, "extending over or affecting a whole nation," 1895, from nation + wide.

worldwide (adj.)
also world-wide, 1630s, from world + wide.
broad (adj.)

Old English brad "wide, not narrow," also "flat, open, extended," from Proto-Germanic *braidi- (source also of Old Frisian bred, Old Norse breiðr, Dutch breed, German breit, Gothic brouþs), which is of unknown origin. Not found outside Germanic languages. There is no clear distinction in sense from wide. Of day or daylight, late 14c.; of speech or accents, 1530s. Related: Broadly; broadness.

widely (adv.)
1660s, from wide + -ly (2).
widen (v.)
c. 1600 (transitive), from wide + -en (1). Intransitive sense from 1709. Related: Widened; widening.
widespread (adj.)
also wide-spread, 1705, from wide + past participle of spread (v.). Earlier was wide-spreading (1590s).
width (n.)
1620s, formed from wide on model of breadth, and replacing wideness (Old English widnes). Johnson (1755) calls it "a low word." Related: Widthwise.