wide (adj.)

Old English wid "vast, broad, long," also used of time, from Proto-Germanic *widaz (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian wid, Old Norse viðr, Dutch wijd, Old High German wit, German weit), perhaps from PIE *wi-ito-, from root *wi- "apart, away, in half."

Meaning "distended, expanded, spread apart" is from c. 1500; sense of "embracing many subjects" is from 1530s; meaning "missing the intended target" is from 1580s. As a second element in compounds (such as nationwide, worldwide) meaning "extending through the whole of," is is from late Old English. As an adverb, Old English wide. Wide open "unguarded, exposed to attack" (1915) originally was in boxing, etc. Wide awake (adj.) is first recorded 1818; figurative sense of "alert, knowing" is attested from 1833.

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Definitions of wide from WordNet
wide (adj.)
broad in scope or content; "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner;
granted him wide powers
Synonyms: across-the-board / all-embracing / all-encompassing / all-inclusive / blanket / broad / encompassing / extensive / panoptic
wide (adj.)
great in degree;
won by a wide margin
wide (adj.)
having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other;
wide roads
a wide necktie
wide margins
three feet wide
Synonyms: broad
wide (adj.)
(used of eyes) fully open or extended;
stared with wide eyes
Synonyms: wide-eyed
wide (adj.)
very large in expanse or scope;
the wide plains
Synonyms: broad / spacious
wide (adj.)
having ample fabric;
the current taste for wide trousers
Synonyms: wide-cut / full
wide (adj.)
not on target;
the kick was wide
a claim that was wide of the truth
the arrow was wide of the mark
Synonyms: wide of the mark
wide (adv.)
with or by a broad space;
ran wide around left end
stand with legs wide apart
wide (adv.)
to the fullest extent possible;
open your eyes wide
with the throttle wide open
wide (adv.)
far from the intended target;
the arrow went wide of the mark
Synonyms: astray
wide (adv.)
to or over a great extent or range; far;
wandered wide through many lands
Synonyms: widely
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