Words related to whistle

whisper (v.)

Old English hwisprian "speak very softly, murmur" (only in a Northumbrian gloss for Latin murmurare), from Proto-Germanic *hwis- (source also of Middle Dutch wispelen, Old High German hwispalon, German wispeln, wispern, Old Norse hviskra "to whisper"), from PIE *kwei- "to hiss, whistle," imitative. Transitive sense is from 1560s. Related: Whispered; whispering. An alternative verb, now obsolete, was whister (late 14c., from Old English hwæstrian), and Middle English had whistringe grucchere "a slanderer."

steam-whistle (n.)

1840, from steam (n.) + whistle (n.).

whistleblower (n.)

also whistle-blower, 1963 in the figurative sense, American English, from whistle (n.) as something sounded in an alert + agent noun from blow (v.1).

whistler (n.)

Old English hwistlere "piper," literally "whistler," agent noun from hwistlian (see whistle (v.)).

whistling (n.)

Old English hwistlung, verbal noun from hwistlian (see whistle (v.)).