Words related to watch

watchword (n.)
also watch-word, c. 1400, "password," from watch (n.) in the military sense of "period of standing guard duty" + word (n.). In the sense of "motto, slogan" it dates from 1738.
watch-work (n.)
1660s, from watch (n.) in the "timepiece" sense + work (n.).
clock-watcher (n.)
"employee habitually prompt in leaving," 1887, from clock (n.1) + agent noun from watch (v.). Related: Clock-watching. Compare earlier tell-clock "idler" (c. 1600).
outwatch (v.)

1620s, "surpass in watching, watch longer than," from out- + watch (v.). Related: Outwatched; outwatching.

watchdog (n.)
also watch-dog, c. 1600, from watch (v.) + dog (n.). Figurative sense is attested by 1845.
watcher (n.)
late 14c. (early 13c. as a surname), agent noun from watch (v.).
watchful (adj.)
c. 1500, waccheful, from watch (v.) + -ful. Related: Watchfulness.
watchtower (n.)
also watch-tower, 1540s, from watch (v.) + tower (n.).

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