Words related to vote

vow (n.)
"solemn promise," c. 1300, from Anglo-French and Old French voe (Modern French vœu), from Latin votum "a promise to a god, solemn pledge, dedication; that which is promised; a wish, desire, longing, prayer," noun use of neuter of votus, past participle of vovere "to promise solemnly, pledge, dedicate, vow," from PIE root *wegwh- "to speak solemnly, vow, preach" (source also of Sanskrit vaghat- "one who offers a sacrifice;" Greek eukhe "vow, wish," eukhomai "I pray"). Meaning "solemn engagement to devote oneself to a religious order or life" is from c. 1400; earlier "to bind oneself" to chastity (early 14c.).
outvote (v.)

also out-vote, "exceed in the number of votes given, defeat by a greater number of votes," 1640s," from out- + vote (v.). Related: Outvoted; outvoting.

revote (v.)

also re-vote, "to vote again or a second time," by 1865, from re- "back, again" + vote (v.). Related: Revoted; revoting.

voter (n.)
1570s, agent noun from vote (v.).