volunteer (n.)

c. 1600, "one who offers himself for military service," from French voluntaire, "one who volunteers," also as an adjective, "voluntary," from Latin voluntarius "voluntary, of one's free will," as a plural noun "volunteers" (see voluntary). Non-military sense is first recorded 1630s. As an adjective from 1640s. Tennessee has been the Volunteer State since the Mexican War, when a call for 2,800 volunteers brought out 30,000 men.

volunteer (v.)

1755, from volunteer (n.). Related: Volunteered; volunteering (1690s as a verbal noun).

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Definitions of volunteer from WordNet
volunteer (v.)
tell voluntarily;
He volunteered the information
volunteer (v.)
agree freely;
She volunteered to drive the old lady home
Synonyms: offer
volunteer (v.)
do volunteer work;
volunteer (n.)
(military) a person who freely enlists for service;
Synonyms: military volunteer / voluntary
volunteer (n.)
a person who performs voluntary work;
Synonyms: unpaid worker
volunteer (adj.)
without payment;
a volunteer fire department
Synonyms: unpaid
Volunteer (n.)
a native or resident of Tennessee;
Synonyms: Tennessean