visual (adj.)

early 15c., "pertaining to the faculty of sight;" also "coming from the eye or sight" (as a beam of light was thought to do), from Late Latin visualis "of sight," from Latin visus "a sight, a looking; power of sight; things seen, appearance," from visus, past participle of videre "to see" (see vision). Meaning "perceptible by sight" is from late 15c; sense of "relating to vision" is first attested c. 1600. The noun meaning "photographic film or other visual display" is first recorded 1944.

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Definitions of visual from WordNet

visual (adj.)
relating to or using sight;
visual powers
visual navigation
Synonyms: ocular / optic / optical
visual (adj.)
visible; "be sure of it; give me the ocular proof"- Shakespeare;
a visual presentation
a visual image
Synonyms: ocular