Words related to virgin

devirginate (v.)

"deflower, deprive of virginity," late 15c.; see de- + virgin + -ate (2). Related: Devirginated.

virginal (adj.)
early 15c., from Old French virginal "virginal, pure, chaste," or directly from Latin virginalis "of a maiden, of a virgin," from virgin (see virgin). The keyed musical instrument so called from 1520s (see virginals).
virginals (n.)
"small harpsichord," 1520s, evidently from virgin, but the connection is unclear, unless it means "an instrument played by girls."
virginity (n.)

c. 1300, from Anglo-French and Old French virginite "(state of) virginity; innocence" (10c. in Old French), from Latin virginitatem (nominative virginitas) "maidenhood, virginity," from virgo (see virgin).

Distraught pretty girl: "I've lost my virginity!"
Benny Hill: "Do you still have the box it came in?"
zodiacal constellation, c. 1000, from Latin constellation name Virgo "the virgin" (see virgin). Meaning "person born under the sign of Virgo" is attested from 1917.