Words related to vein

intravenous (adj.)
"in or occurring within a vein," 1847, from intra- "within, inside" + Latin venous, from vena "vein" (see vein). Related: Intravenously.
vena cava (n.)
Medical Latin, from Latin vena "vein" (see vein) + cava, from cavus "hollow" (from PIE root *keue- "to swell," also "vault, hole").
venation (n.)
"arrangement of veins," 1640s, of plant structures, noun of state from Latin vena "vein" (see vein). Related: Venational.
venous (adj.)
1620s, from Latin venosus "full of veins," from vena (see vein).
venule (n.)
"small vein," 1850, from Latin venula, diminutive of vena "vein" (see vein).