upward (adv.)

also upwards, Old English upweard, upweardes "up, upward, toward heaven;" see up (adv.) + -ward. Similar formation in Middle Low German upwart, Middle Dutch opwaert, Dutch opwaart, Middle High German ufwart. As an adjective from c. 1600 (also in Old English). Phrase upward mobility first recorded 1949; mainly restricted to sociologists' jargon until 1960s.

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Definitions of upward from WordNet
upward (adv.)
spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position;
the fragments flew upwards
prices soared upwards
Synonyms: up / upwards / upwardly
upward (adv.)
to a later time;
from childhood upward
Synonyms: up / upwards
upward (adj.)
extending or moving toward a higher place;
a general upward movement of fish
Synonyms: up
upward (adj.)
directed up;
the cards were face upward
an upward stroke of the pen