Words related to unite

Proto-Indo-European root meaning "one, unique."

It forms all or part of: a (1) indefinite article; alone; an; Angus; anon; atone; any; eleven; inch (n.1) "linear measure, one-twelfth of a foot;" lone; lonely; non-; none; null; once; one; ounce (n.1) unit of weight; quincunx; triune; unanimous; unary; une; uni-; Uniate; unilateral; uncial; unicorn; union; unique; unison; unite; unity; universal; universe; university; zollverein.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek oinos "ace (on dice);" Latin unus "one;" Old Persian aivam; Old Church Slavonic -inu, ino-; Lithuanian vienas; Old Irish oin; Breton un "one;" Old English an, German ein, Gothic ains "one."
disunite (v.)

1560s "to separate, cause to be disjoined" (implied in disunited); see dis- + unite. Possibly from Late Latin disunitus, past participle of disunire. Intransitive meaning "to part, fall asunder, become divided" is from 1670s. Related: Disuniting.

reunite (v.)

c. 1500, reuniten, "join after separation, unite or bring together again" (transitive), from Medieval Latin reunitus, past participle of reunire "unite again," from re- "again" (here perhaps "repetition of an action;" see re-) + Late Latin unire "join together, make into one" (see unite). Intransitive sense of "come together again" is by 1650s. Related: Reunited; reuniting.

united (adj.)
"made into one," 1550s, past-participle adjective from unite (v.).
uniter (n.)
1580s, agent noun from unite (v.).