Words related to tropism

geotropism (n.)

"growth downward," 1874, from geo- "earth" + -trope "a turn, direction" (from PIE root *trep- "to turn"), translating German Geotropismus (1868), which was coined in 1868 by German botanist Albert Bernhard Frank. Related: Geotropic.

Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to turn."

It forms all or part of: apotropaic; atropine; Atropos; contrive; entropy; heliotrope; isotropic; psychotropic; retrieve; trope; -trope; trophy; tropic; tropical; tropism; troposphere; troubadour; zoetrope.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit trapate "is ashamed, confused," properly "turns away in shame;" Greek trepein "to turn," tropos "a turn, direction, course," trope "a turning;" Latin trepit "he turns."
phototropism (n.)

"innate movement of a plant or other organism in response to the stimulation of light," 1899, based on German phototropie (1892); see photo- + tropism. Related: Phototropic.

thigmotropism (n.)
1900, from thigmo-, combining form meaning "touch," from Greek thigma "touch" + tropism.