Words related to troop

thorp (n.)

Old English ðorp "village, hamlet, farm, estate," reinforced by Old Norse ðorp, both from Proto-Germanic *thurpa- (source also of Old Frisian thorp, Frisian terp, Middle Dutch, Dutch dorp, German dorf "village," Gothic þaurp "estate, land, field"), probably from PIE root *treb- "dwelling" (see tavern). Preserved in place names ending in -thorp, -thrup.

paratroops (n.)

"body of soldiers who are dropped by parachute into enemy territory," 1940, from parachute + plural of troop (n.).

trooper (n.)

1630s, "soldier in a cavalry troop," from troop (n.) + -er (1). Extended to "mounted policeman" (1858, in Australia) then to "state policeman" (U.S.) by 1911.

troupe (n.)

1825, "company, band," especially of performers, actors, dancers, etc., from French troupe "company" (see troop (n.)).