Words related to trick

trickery (n.)
1719, from trick (v.) + -ery.
treacherous (adj.)
early 14c., from Old French trecheros, tricheros "deceitful" (12c.), from trecheor, tricheor "cheat, deceiver, liar, impostor, trickster," agent noun from trechier, trichier "to cheat, trick" (see trick (n.)). Figuratively, of things, from c. 1600. Related: Treacherously; treacherousness. Middle English had treacher "deceiver, cheat, traitor."
treachery (n.)
"treasonable or perfidious conduct," c. 1200, from Old French trecherie, tricherie "deceit, cheating, trickery, lies" (12c.), from trechier "to cheat, deceive" (see trick (n.)).
trickster (n.)
1711, from trick (n.) + -ster.
tricky (adj.)
1786, "characterized by tricks," from trick (n.) + -y (2). Meaning "deceptively difficult" is from 1868. Related: Trickily; trickiness. Earlier was tricksy (1590s).
trinket (n.)
1530s, of unknown origin. Evidently a diminutive form, perhaps related to trick (n.).