Words related to trade

tread (v.)

Old English tredan "to tread, step on, trample; traverse, pass over" (class V strong verb; past tense træd, past participle treden), from Proto-Germanic *tred- (source also of Old Saxon tredan, Old Frisian treda, Middle Dutch treden, Old High German tretan, German treten, Gothic trudan, Old Norse troða), from PIE *der- (1) "assumed base of roots meaning 'to run, walk, step'" [Watkins]. Related: Trod; treading. To tread water in swimming, "to move the feet and hands regularly up and down while keeping the body in an erect position in order to keep the head above the water" is attested by 1764.

trademark (n.)

also trade-mark, 1838 (the thing itself is attested continuously from 14c., apparently the originals were watermarks on paper), from trade (n.) + mark (n.1) in a specialized sense of "stamp, seal, brand, etc. placed upon an article top indicate ownership or origin" (mid-13c.).

Figurative use by 1869. As a verb, from 1899 (trade-marked). Related: Trademarked; trademarking. This sense of mark also yielded the meaning "particular brand or make of an article" (1660s), hence its use in 20c. names of cars, etc., Mark I,Mark II, etc.

tradesman (n.)
1590s, from genitive of trade (n.) + man (n.).
trade-in (n.)
1917, in reference to used cars, from verbal phrase, from trade (v.) + in (adv.).
trade-off (n.)
also tradeoff, "sacrifice of one benefit for another," 1959, from verbal phrase to trade off; see trade (v.) + off (adv.).
trader (n.)
"dealer, trafficker, one engaged in commerce," 1580s, agent noun from trade (v.).