Words related to torch

Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to twist."

It forms all or part of: contort; distort; extort; extortion; nasturtium; queer; retort; thwart; torch; torment; torque (n.) "rotating force;" torsion; tort; torticollis; tortuous; torture; truss.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit tarkuh "spindle;" Latin torquere "to twist;" Old Church Slavonic traku "band, girdle;" Old High German drahsil "turner," German drechseln "to turn on a lathe;" Old Norse þvert "across," Old English þweorh "transverse, perverse, angry, cross," Gothic þwairhs "angry."
flashlight (n.)
also flash-light, 1886, "on-and-off signal light in a light-house, etc.," from flash (v.) + light (n.). As the word for a photographer's light-emitting preparation, 1892 (flash-lamp in this sense is by 1890). From 1905 as as a handheld, pocket-sized electric illumination device, the American English word for what the British might call an electric torch.
blow-torch (n.)
1894, from blow (v.1) + torch (n.).
torcher (n.)
"torch-carrier," c. 1600; see torch (n.). Meaning "torch singer" attested by 1940.
torchiere (n.)
also torchere, "large, decorated candelabrum," 1910, from French torchère, from torche (see torch (n.)).
torchlight (n.)
early 15c., from torch (n.) + light (n.).