Words related to top

topping (n.)

"an act of putting a top on," c. 1500, verbal noun from top (v.). Meaning "an act of cutting the top off" is from 1510s. Meaning "top layer of a food" is from 1839,

overtop (v.)

"rise above or beyond the top of," 1560s, from over- + top (v.). Related: Overtopped; overtopping.

topper (n.)

"the best (of anything)," 1709, originally slang, agent noun from top (v.).

topple (v.)

1580s, "tumble down, fall headfirst," earlier "tumble or roll about" (1540s), from top (v.) "to tip" + frequentative suffix -le. Transitive sense also is from 1590s. Related: Toppled; toppling.

atop (adv.)

"on or at the top," 1650s, from a- (1) + top (n.1). Two words or hyphenated at first; not fully established as one word until late 19c.

blacktop (n.)

road resurfacing material, 1931, American English, from black (adj.) + top (n.1).

box-top (n.)

"top of a cardboard packaging box," 1937, American English, from box (n.1) + top (n.1). They typically bore the name and address of the manufacturer and could be detached and shown as proof of purchase or to claim a radio premium or other advertising offer.

countertop (n.)

"the top of a counter," 1878, from counter (n.1) + top (n.1).

desktop (n.)

also desk-top, "the top of a desk," 1873, from desk + top (n.1). As an adjective meaning "suitable for use on a desktop," it is recorded by 1952 (desk-top supplies). As a shortening of desktop computer, by 1983. Desktop publishing recorded from 1984.

flat-top (n.)

1943, "aircraft carrier," U.S. Navy, from flat (adj.) + top (n.). As a style of haircut, from 1956.