Words related to tire

tired (adj.)

"exhausted, fatigued, weary," early 15c., past-participle adjective from tire (v.).

attire (n.)

c. 1300, "equipment of a man-at-arms; apparel, dress, clothes," from attire (v.).

snow-tire (n.)

1952, from snow (n.) + tire (n.). Earlier mud-and-snow tire (1948).

tireless (adj.)

1590s, "indefatigable," from tire (v.) + -less. From 1862 in the sense "without a tire," from tire (n.). Related: Tirelessly.

tyre (n.)

variant spelling of tire (n.), chiefly British English.

overtire (v.)

1550s, "to tire excessively, fatigue to exhaustion" (trans.), from over- + tire (v.). Intransitive sense of "become excessively fatigued" is by 1630s. Related: Overtired; overtiring.

tiresome (adj.)

"tedious," c. 1500, from tire (v.) + -some (1). Related: Tiresomely; tiresomeness.