Words related to tin

stannic (adj.)
"containing tin," 1790, from Modern Latin stannum, from Late Latin stannum "tin" (earlier "alloy of silver and lead"), a scribal alteration of Latin stagnum, probably from a Celtic source (compare Irish stan "tin," Cornish and Breton sten, Welsh ystaen). The Latin word is the source of Italian stagno, French étain, Spanish estaño "tin."
tinfoil (n.)
also tin-foil, late 15c., from tin (n.) + foil (n.).
tinhorn (adj.)
"petty but flashy," 1857, from tin + horn (n.); originally of low-class gamblers, from the tin cans they used for shaking dice.
tinman (n.)
"tinsmith," 1610s, from tin (n.) + man (n.).
tinny (adj.)
1550s, "of tin," from tin + -y (2). Used figuratively (of sounds, etc.) since 1877.
tinsmith (n.)
1785, from tin + smith (n.).