tidy (adj.)

mid-13c., "in good condition, healthy," probably originally "in season, timely, opportune, excellent" (though this sense is not attested until mid-14c.), from tide (n.) in the sense of "season, time" + -y (2). Of persons, "of neat and orderly habits," from 1706. Similar formation in Old High German zitig, German zeitig, Dutch tijdig, Danish tidig "timely," Old English tidlic "temporal," also "timely, seasonable."

tidy (v.)

"to make neat, set in order," 1821, from tidy (adj.). Related: Tidied; tidying.

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Definitions of tidy from WordNet
tidy (adj.)
marked by order and cleanliness in appearance or habits;
a tidy mind
a tidy house
a tidy person
tidy (adj.)
(of hair) neat and tidy;
Synonyms: kempt
tidy (adj.)
large in amount or extent or degree;
a tidy sum of money
Synonyms: goodly / goodish / healthy / hefty / respectable / sizable / sizeable
tidy (v.)
put (things or places) in order;
Synonyms: tidy up / clean up / neaten / straighten / straighten out / square away
tidy (n.)
receptacle that holds odds and ends (as sewing materials);