thick (adj.)

Old English þicce "dense, viscous, solid, stiff; numerous, abundant; deep," also as an adverb, "thickly, closely, often, frequently," from Proto-Germanic *thiku- (source also of Old Saxon thikki, Old High German dicchi, German dick, Old Norse þykkr, Old Frisian thikke), from PIE *tegu- "thick" (source also of Gaelic tiugh). Secondary Old English sense of "close together" is preserved in thickset and proverbial phrase thick as thieves (1833). Meaning "stupid" is first recorded 1590s. Related: Thickly.

As a noun, "the thick part" (of anything), from mid-13c. Phrase through thick and thin, indicating rough or smooth going, hence "unwaveringly," is in Chaucer (late 14c.); thick-skinned is attested from 1540s; in figurative sense from c. 1600. To be in the thick of some action, etc., "to be at the most intense moment" is from 1680s, from a Middle English noun sense.

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Definitions of thick
thick (adj.)
(used informally) associated on close terms;
the two were thick as thieves for months
Synonyms: chummy / buddy-buddy
thick (adj.)
not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions;
a thick sandwich
thick coating of dust
a thick board
an inch thick
thick warm blankets
spread a thick layer of butter
thick (adj.)
having component parts closely crowded together;
thick hair
thick crowds
a thick forest
thick (adj.)
relatively dense in consistency;
thick cream
thick fog
thick soup
thick smoke
thick (adj.)
spoken as if with a thick tongue;
the thick speech of a drunkard
Synonyms: slurred
thick (adj.)
having a short and solid form or stature;
Synonyms: compact / heavyset / stocky / thickset
thick (adj.)
hard to pass through because of dense growth;
thick woods
Synonyms: dense
thick (adj.)
(of darkness) densely dark;
thick night
thick darkness
Synonyms: deep
thick (adj.)
(used informally) stupid;
Synonyms: blockheaded / boneheaded / duncical / duncish / fatheaded / loggerheaded / thickheaded / thick-skulled / wooden-headed
thick (adj.)
abounding; having a lot of;
the top was thick with dust
thick (adv.)
with a thick consistency;
the blood was flowing thick
Synonyms: thickly
thick (adv.)
in quick succession;
misfortunes come fast and thick
Synonyms: thickly
thick (n.)
the location of something surrounded by other things;
Synonyms: midst