Words related to thermo-


Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to heat, warm."

It forms all or part of: brand; brandish; brandy; brimstone; brindled; forceps; Fornax; fornicate; fornication; fornix; furnace; hypothermia; thermal; thermo-; Thermopylae; Thermos.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit gharmah "heat;" Old Persian Garmapada-, name of the fourth month, corresponding to June/July, from garma- "heat;" Hittite war- "to burn;" Armenian jerm "warm;" Greek thermos "warm;" Latin formus "warm," fornax "oven;" Old Irish fogeir "heated;" Old English bærnan "to kindle."

thermochemistry (n.)

also thermo-chemistry, 1840, from thermo- + chemistry.

thermocline (n.)

1897, from thermo- + -cline, from Greek klinein "to slope," from PIE root *klei- "to lean."

thermocouple (n.)

also thermo-couple, 1862, from thermo-electric + couple (n.).

thermograph (n.)

"automatic self-registering thermometer," 1881, from thermo- + -graph "instrument for recording; something written." Related: Thermographic.

thermography (n.)

1840, "method of writing which requires heat to develop the characters," from thermo- + -graphy.

thermonuclear (adj.)

1938 with reference to stars, 1953 of weapons (technically only to describe the hydrogen bomb), from thermo- + nuclear.

thermoplastic (adj.)

1870, see thermo- + plastic (adj.). As a noun from 1929.