there (adv., conj.)

Old English þær "in or at that place, so far as, provided that, in that respect," from Proto-Germanic *thær (source also of Old Saxon thar, Old Frisian ther, Middle Low German dar, Middle Dutch daer, Dutch daar, Old High German dar, German da, Gothic þar, Old Norse þar), from PIE *tar- "there" (source also of Sanskrit tar-hi "then"), from root *to- (see the) + adverbial suffix -r.

Interjectional use is recorded from 1530s, used variously to emphasize certainty, encouragement, or consolation. To have been there "had previous experience of some activity" is recorded from 1877.

Definitions of there
there (adv.)
in or at that place or location;
it's not there
that man there
they have lived there for years
there (adv.)
in that matter; in that respect; on that point;
I agree with you there
there (adv.)
to or toward that place; away from the speaker;
go there around noon!
Synonyms: thither
there (n.)
a location other than here; that place;
you can take it from there