therapeutic (adj.)

pertaining to the healing of disease, 1640s, from Modern Latin therapeuticus "curing, healing," from Greek therapeutikos, from therapeutein "to cure, treat medically," primarily "do service, take care of, provide for," of unknown origin, related to therapon "attendant." Therapeutic was used from 1540s as a noun meaning "the branch of medicine concerned with treatment of disease." Related: Therapeutical (c. 1600).

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Definitions of therapeutic from WordNet
therapeutic (adj.)
tending to cure or restore to health;
a therapeutic agent
therapeutic diets
Synonyms: curative / healing / alterative / remedial / sanative
therapeutic (adj.)
relating to or involved in therapy;
therapeutic approach to criminality
Synonyms: therapeutical
therapeutic (n.)
a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain;
Synonyms: remedy / curative / cure