temperate (adj.)

late 14c., of persons, "modest, forbearing, self-restrained, not swayed by passion;" of climates or seasons, "not liable to excessive heat or cold," from Latin temperatus "restrained, regulated, limited, moderate, sober, calm, steady," from past participle of temperare "to moderate, regulate" (see temper (v.)). Related: Temperately; temperateness. Temperate zone is attested from 1550s.

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Definitions of temperate from WordNet

temperate (adj.)
(of weather or climate) free from extremes; mild; or characteristic of such weather or climate;
the temperate zones
a temperate region
temperate plants
temperate (adj.)
not extreme in behavior;
a temperate response to an insult
temperate in his eating and drinking
temperate in his habits
temperate (adj.)
not extreme;
temperate in his response to criticism
Synonyms: moderate