Words related to tea

chai (n.)

"tea," 1908, from the Russian or Arabic word for "tea" (see tea, and compare cha). The 1908 citation is in an Arabic context. Now used especially of spiced teas.

cha (n.)
"tea," 1590s, also chaw, ultimately from the Mandarin ch'a "tea;" used in English alongside tea when the beverage was introduced.
tea party (n.)
1772, from tea + party (n.). Political references to tea party all trace to the Boston tea party of 1773 (the name seems to date from 1824), in which radicals in Massachusetts colony boarded British ships carrying tea and threw the product into Boston Harbor in protest against royal taxation. It has been a model for libertarian political actions in the U.S. (generally symbolic), including citizen gatherings begun in early 2009 to protest government spending.
teabag (n.)
also tea-bag 1857, a small permeable packet for holding loose tea, from tea + bag (n.). As a sex act, by 2000.
teaberry (n.)
also tea-berry, American wintergreen, 1818, from tea + berry; so called because the dried berries were used as a substitute for tea.
tea-cup (n.)
1700, from tea + cup (n.).
tea-leaf (n.)
1756, from tea + leaf (n.). Related: Tea-leaves.
tea-pot (n.)
also teapot, 1660s, from tea + pot (n.1). The children's song beginning "I'm a little tea-pot" attested by 1943.
tea-rose (n.)
1825, from tea + rose (n.1); so called because it has a scent supposed to resemble that of tea.