taupe (n.)

"dark brownish-gray color" (the color of moleskin), 1906, from French taupe, the color, originally "a mole," Old French, from Latin talpa "a mole." The story below lacks evidence and appears to be a fanciful attempt to divert the origin of the color name to something more appealing:

Before the season advances very far you will find that taupe, pronounced "tope," will be the most favored color in the entire category of shades and blendings. The original word is taken from the German word "taube" pronounced "tob-a," which is the name for the dove, but the French have twisted the b into a p and give us taupe. [The Illustrated Milliner, August 1906]

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Definitions of taupe from WordNet
taupe (n.)
a greyish brown;
taupe (adj.)
of something having a dusky brownish grey color;
Synonyms: fuscous