tattle (v.)

late 15c., "to stammer, prattle," in Caxton's translation of "Reynard the Fox," probably from Middle Flemish tatelen "to stutter," parallel to Middle Dutch, Middle Low German, East Frisian tateren "to chatter, babble," possibly of imitative origin. The meaning "tell tales or secrets" is first recorded 1580s. Sense influenced by tittle. Related: Tattled; tattling. As a noun from 1520s. Tattler, the name of the famous periodical by Addison and Steele (1709-1711), means "idle talker, a gossip."

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Definitions of tattle from WordNet
tattle (v.)
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly;
Synonyms: chatter / piffle / palaver / prate / tittle-tattle / twaddle / clack / maunder / prattle / blab / gibber / blabber / gabble
tattle (v.)
divulge confidential information or secrets;
Synonyms: spill the beans / let the cat out of the bag / talk / blab / peach / babble / sing / babble out / blab out
tattle (n.)
disclosing information or giving evidence about another;
Synonyms: singing / telling