Words related to tank

stanch (v.)
"to stop the flow of" (especially of blood), early 14c., from Old French estanchier "cause to cease flowing (of blood), stop, hinder; extinguish (of fire); tire, exhaust, drain" (Modern French étancher), from Vulgar Latin *stancare, perhaps contracted from *stagnicare, from Latin stagnum "pond, pool" (see stagnate). But Barnhart says it probably is from Latin stantio, present participle of stare "to stand."
fish-tank (n.)
1921 as an ornamental object, from fish (n.) + tank (n.).
oil-tank (n.)

"tank for holding oil," 1862, from oil (n.) + tank (n.).

tank top (n.)
1968, from tank suit "one-piece bathing costume" (1920s), so called because it was worn in a swimming tank (n.), i.e. pool.
tanker (n.)
"ship for carrying oil or other liquid cargo," 1900, from tank (n.).
think tank (n.)
also think-tank, 1959 as "research institute" (first reference is to Center for Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, Calif.); it had been colloquial for "the brain" since 1905. See think + tank (n.).