tang (n.)

mid-14c., "serpent's tongue" (thought to be a stinging organ), later "sharp extension of a metal blade" (1680s), from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse tangi "spit of land; pointed end by which a blade is driven into a handle," from Proto-Germanic *tang-, from PIE *denk- "to bite" (see tongs). Influenced in some senses by tongue (n.). Figurative sense of "a sharp taste" is first recorded mid-15c.; that of "suggestion, trace" is from 1590s. The fish (1734) so called for their spines.

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Definitions of tang from WordNet
tang (n.)
a tart spicy quality;
Synonyms: nip / piquance / piquancy / piquantness / tanginess / zest
tang (n.)
the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth;
Synonyms: relish / flavor / flavour / sapidity / savor / savour / smack / nip
tang (n.)
a common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure;
Synonyms: bladderwrack / black rockweed / bladder fucus / Fucus vesiculosus
tang (n.)
brown algae seaweed with serrated edges;
Synonyms: serrated wrack / Fucus serratus
tang (n.)
any of various coarse seaweeds;
Synonyms: sea tang
tang (n.)
any of various kelps especially of the genus Laminaria;
Synonyms: sea tangle
Tang (n.)
the imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907;
Synonyms: Tang dynasty