Words related to taffy


masc. proper name, in Old Testament name of the second king of Israel and Judah and author of psalms, from Hebrew Dawidh, literally "darling, beloved friend." The name was common in England and Scotland by 12c. but was popular much earlier in Wales. A nickname form was Dawe, hence surnames Dawson, Dawkins. A top 10 name for boys born in the U.S. from 1934 to 1992. Related: Davidic; Davidian.

toffee (n.)

1825, tuffy, toughy, southern British dialectal variant of taffy. Modern spelling recorded by 1843.

ratafia (n.)

sweet liqueur flavored with kernels of cherries, apricots, etc., 1690s, from French ratafia (17c.), a word of unknown origin; perhaps ultimately from the same source as arrack.

salt water (n.)

"the sea; naturally occurring salt water," late Old English sealtera watera. As an adjective from 1520s, "inhabiting salt water or the sea." Salt-water taffy attested by 1886; so called because it originally was sold at seashore resorts, especially Atlantic City, N.J. (see taffy).