Words related to tachy-

tachycardia (n.)
"rapid heartbeat," 1868, Modern Latin, coined 1867 by German-born physician Hermann Lebert (1813-1878) from tachy- "swift" + Latinized form of Greek kardia "heart," from PIE root *kerd- "heart."
tachygraphy (n.)
"shorthand, stenography," 1640s, from Latinized form of Greek takhygraphia, from takhys "swift" (see tachy-) + -graphia (see -graphy). Related: Tachygraphic; tachygrapher "stenographer" (especially among the ancients; see Tironian).
tachymeter (n.)

surveying instrument, 1836, from tachy- "swift" + -meter. Related: Tachymetry.

M. GAETANO CAÏRO has invented an instrument, to which he has given the name of Tachymeter (rapid measurer). Its object is to give the area of plane surfaces bounded by any outline whatever, without the necessity of any arithmetical operation. [Magazine of Popular Science and Journal of the Useful Arts, vol. ii, 1836]
tachyon (n.)
1967, hypothetical faster-than-light particle, from tachy- "swift" + -on.
tachypnea (n.)
"hysterical rapid breathing," 1896, from tachy- "swift" + -pnea, from pnein "to breathe" (see pneuma). Related: Tachypneic.