Words related to swamp

sump (n.)
mid-15c., "marsh, morass" (from mid-13c. in place names), from Middle Dutch somp or Middle Low German sump, from Proto-Germanic *sumpaz, from PIE *swombho- "spongy." Meaning "pit to collect water" is first found 1650s. Sump-pump (1884) originally was in mining.
swamper (n.)
1735, "one who lives in a swampy district," from swamp (n.). Meaning "workman who clears a lumber road through swamp or forest" is 1857, American English; meaning "all-purpose assistant in a restaurant or saloon" is from 1907.
swamp-land (n.)
1660s, from swamp (n.) + land (n.).
swampy (adj.)
1690s, from swamp (n.) + -y (2). Related: Swampiness.