super (adj.)

"first-rate, excellent," 1837, from prefix in superfine (1680s), denoting "highest grade of goods," from Latin super "above, over, beyond" (see super-). Extended usage as a general term of approval is 1895 slang, revived by 1967. Rhyming reduplication form super-duper first attested 1940. Super Bowl attested from 1966; Super Glue from 1975; as a verb by 1983.

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Definitions of super from WordNet
super (adj.)
of the highest quality;
a super party
Synonyms: ace / A-one / crack / first-rate / tiptop / topnotch / top-notch / tops
super (adj.)
including more than a specified category;
a super experiment
super (adj.)
extremely large;
another super skyscraper
super (n.)
a caretaker for an apartment house; represents the owner as janitor and rent collector;
Synonyms: superintendent
super (adv.)
to an extreme degree;
she is super smart
Synonyms: extremely / exceedingly / deathly