summit (n.)

c. 1400, "highest point, peak," from Old French somete "summit, top," diminutive of som, sum "highest part, top of a hill," from Latin summum, neuter of noun use of summus "highest," related to super "over" (from PIE root *uper "over"). The meaning "meeting of heads of state" (1950) is from Winston Churchill's metaphor of "a parley at the summit."

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Definitions of summit
summit (n.)
the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development;
the summit of his ambition
Synonyms: acme / height / elevation / peak / pinnacle / superlative / meridian / tiptop / top
summit (n.)
the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill);
the region is a few molecules wide at the summit
Synonyms: peak / crown / crest / top / tip
summit (n.)
a meeting of heads of governments;
Synonyms: summit meeting
summit (v.)
reach the summit (of a mountain);
Many mountaineers go up Mt. Everest but not all summit
Synonyms: breast