Words related to sulky

miff (n.)

1620s, "feeling of petulant displeasure, fit of ill humor," colloquial, perhaps imitative of an exclamation of disgust (compare German muffen "to sulk").

mope (v.)

1560s, "to move and act unconsciously;" 1580s, "to be listless and apathetic," the sound of the word perhaps somehow suggestive of low feelings (compare mop (v.) "make a wry mouth" (1560s); Low German mopen "to sulk," Dutch moppen "to grumble, to grouse," Danish maabe, dialectal Swedish mopa "to mope"). Related: Moped; moping; mopey; mopish.

boudoir (n.)
"room where a lady may retire to be alone or to receive her intimate friends," 1777, from French boudoir (18c.), literally "pouting room," from bouder "to pout, sulk," which, like pout, probably ultimately is imitative of puffing.
sulk (v.)
1781, back-formation of sulky (adj.). Related: Sulked; sulking. As a noun from 1792.