such (adj.)

c. 1200, Old English swylc, swilc "just as, as, in like manner; as if, as though; such a one, he" (pronoun and adjective), from a Proto-Germanic compound *swalikaz "so formed" (source also of Old Saxon sulik, Old Norse slikr, Old Frisian selik, Middle Dutch selc, Dutch zulk, Old High German sulih, German solch, Gothic swaleiks), from swa "so" (see so) + *likan "form," source of Old English gelic "similar" (see like (adj.)). Colloquial suchlike (early 15c.) is pleonastic.

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Definitions of such from WordNet
such (adv.)
to so extreme a degree;
he is such a baby
such (adj.)
of so extreme a degree or extent;
such a help
such weeping
never dreamed of such beauty
such grief