Words related to stabilize

stability (n.)
mid-14c., "firmness of resolve, mental equilibrium" (of persons), from Old French stablete, establete "firmness, solidity, stability; durability, constancy" (Modern French stabilité), from Latin stabilitatem (nominative stabilitas) "a standing fast, firmness," figuratively "security, steadfastness," from stabilis "steadfast, firm" (see stable (adj.)). In physical sense, "state of being difficult to overthrow, power of remaining upright," it is recorded from early 15c. Meaning "continuance in the same state" is from 1540s.
destabilize (v.)

also destabilise, "deprive of stability," 1928 in a chemistry and physics sense; earlier (1919) with reference to political systems, commercial markets, etc.; see de- + stabilize. Related: Destabilized; destabilizing.

stabilization (n.)
1881, noun of action from stabilize.
stabilizer (n.)
1909 in aeronautical sense, agent noun from stabilize (v.).