Words related to spectro-

spectrum (n.)
1610s, "apparition, specter," from Latin spectrum (plural spectra) "an appearance, image, apparition, specter," from specere "to look at, view" (from PIE root *spek- "to observe"). Meaning "visible band showing the successive colors, formed from a beam of light passed through a prism" first recorded 1670s. Figurative sense of "entire range (of something)" is from 1936.
spectrogram (n.)
"photograph of a spectrum," 1890, from spectro- + -gram.
spectrograph (n.)
1876, from spectro- + -graph "instrument for recording; something written." Related: Spectrographic; spectrography.
spectrometer (n.)
1863, from German Spectrometer (Moritz Meyerstein, 1863); see spectro- + -meter.
spectroscope (n.)
1861, from spectro- + -scope. A Greek-Latin hybrid, both elements from the same PIE root. Related: Spectroscopic; spectroscopy.