spear (n.1)

"weapon with a penetrating head and a long wooden shaft, meant to be thrust or thrown," Old English spere "spear, javelin, lance," from Proto-Germanic *sperō (source also of Old Norse spjör, Old Saxon, Old Frisian sper, Dutch speer, Old High German sper, German Speer "spear"), from PIE root *sper- (1) "spear, pole" (source also of Old Norse sparri "spar, rafter," and perhaps also Latin sparus "hunting spear").

spear (n.2)

"sprout of a plant," 1640s, earlier "church spire" (c. 1500); variant of spire (n.).

spear (v.)

1755, from spear (n.1). Related: Speared; spearing.

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Definitions of spear
spear (v.)
pierce with a spear;
spear fish
spear (v.)
thrust up like a spear;
The branch speared up into the air
Synonyms: spear up
spear (n.)
a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon;
Synonyms: lance / shaft
spear (n.)
an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish;
Synonyms: gig / fizgig / fishgig / lance