spastic (adj.)

1744, in medicine, "pertaining or relating to spasm; spasmodic," from Latin spasticus, from Greek spastikos "afflicted with spasms," also ""pulling in, slurping in;" etymologically "drawing, pulling, stretching," from span "to draw (a sword, etc.), pull out, pluck; tear away, drag; suck in; slurp down; contract violently" (see spasm (n.)).

The noun meaning "a person affected with spastic paralysis" is attested from 1896, used insultingly by 1960s. Related: Spastically; spasticity.

updated on June 15, 2022

Definitions of spastic from WordNet
spastic (adj.)
relating to or characterized by spasm;
spastic paralysis is a spastic form of cerebral palsy
a spastic colon
spastic (adj.)
suffering from spastic paralysis;
a spastic child
spastic (adj.)
affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm;
spastic movements
Synonyms: convulsive / spasmodic
spastic (n.)
a person suffering from spastic paralysis;
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