Words related to spasm

spado (n.)

"castrated person," early 15c., from Latin spado, from Greek spadōn "eunuch," which, according to Beekes, is related to spadix "(torn off) twig" and derived from span "pull out, pluck; tear away" (see spasm).

spasmatic (adj.)
c. 1600, from French spasmatique, from Medieval Latin spasmaticus, from Latin spasm (see spasm). Related: Spasmatical.
spasmodic (adj.)

"pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by spasm; affected by spasms, convulsive," 1680s, from French spasmodique, from Medieval Latin spasmodicus, from Greek spasmōdes "of the nature of a spasm," from spasmos "a spasm, convulsion; wincing; violent movement" (see spasm) + -odes "like" (see -oid). Figuratively, "happening or operating by fits and starts; jerky," also "high-strung." Related: Spasmodically.

spastic (adj.)

1744, in medicine, "pertaining or relating to spasm; spasmodic," from Latin spasticus, from Greek spastikos "afflicted with spasms," also ""pulling in, slurping in;" etymologically "drawing, pulling, stretching," from span "to draw (a sword, etc.), pull out, pluck; tear away, drag; suck in; slurp down; contract violently" (see spasm (n.)).

The noun meaning "a person affected with spastic paralysis" is attested from 1896, used insultingly by 1960s. Related: Spastically; spasticity.