soma (n.)

name of an intoxicant used in ancient Vedic ritual, prepared from the juice of some East Indian plant, 1785, from Sanskrit soma, from PIE *seu- "juice," from root *seue- (2) "to take liquid" (see sup (v.2)). In "Brave New World" (1932), the name of a state-dispensed narcotic producing euphoria and hallucination.

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Definitions of soma from WordNet
soma (n.)
leafless East Indian vine; its sour milky juice formerly used to make an intoxicating drink;
Synonyms: haoma / Sarcostemma acidum
soma (n.)
alternative names for the body of a human being;
Synonyms: human body / physical body / material body / build / figure / physique / anatomy / shape / bod / chassis / frame / form / flesh
Soma (n.)
personification of a sacred intoxicating drink used in Vedic ritual;