soil (v.)

early 13c., "to defile or pollute with sin," from Old French soillier "to splatter with mud, to foul or make dirty," originally "to wallow" (12c., Modern French souillier), from souil "tub, wild boar's wallow, pigsty," which is from either Latin solium "tub for bathing; seat" (from PIE *sodio- "seat," from root *sed- "to sit") or Latin suculus "little pig," from sus "pig." Literal meaning "to make dirty, begrime" is attested from c. 1300 in English. Related: Soiled; soiling.

soil (n.1)

c. 1300, originally "land, area, place," from Anglo-French soil "piece of ground, place" (13c.), from a merger or confusion of Old French sol "bottom, ground, soil" (12c., from Latin solum "soil, ground;" see sole (n.1)), Old French soeul, sueil "threshold, area, place" (from Latin solium "seat," from PIE *sodio- "seat," from PIE root *sed- (1) "to sit"), and Old French soil, soille "a miry place," from soillier (see soil (v.)).

Meaning "place of one's nativity" is from c. 1400. Meaning "mould, earth, dirt" (especially that which plants grow in) is attested from mid-15c.

soil (n.2)

"filth, dirt, refuse matter, sewage, liquid likely to contain excrement," c. 1600, earlier "miry or muddy place" (early 15c.), from Old French soille "miry place," from soillier (v.) "to make dirty," and in part a native formation from soil (v.). This is the sense in archaic night-soil.

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Definitions of soil from WordNet
soil (n.)
the state of being covered with unclean things;
Synonyms: dirt / filth / grime / stain / grease / grunge
soil (n.)
the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock;
Synonyms: dirt
soil (n.)
material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use);
good agricultural soil
Synonyms: land / ground
soil (n.)
the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state;
American troops were stationed on Japanese soil
Synonyms: territory
soil (v.)
make soiled, filthy, or dirty;
don't soil your clothes when you play outside!
Synonyms: dirty / begrime / grime / colly / bemire
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