snug (adj.)

1590s, "compact, trim" (of a ship), especially "protected from the weather," perhaps from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse snoggr "short-haired," Old Swedish snygg, Old Danish snøg "neat, tidy," perhaps from PIE *kes- (1) "to scratch" (see xyster). Sense of "in a state of ease or comfort" first recorded 1620s. Meaning "fit closely" is first found 1838. Expression snug as a bug in a rug attested by 1769; earlier snug as a bee in a box (1706).

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Definitions of snug
snug (adj.)
offering safety; well protected or concealed;
a snug harbor
a snug hideout
snug (adj.)
fitting closely but comfortably;
Synonyms: close / close-fitting
snug (adj.)
well and tightly constructed;
a snug house
a snug little sailboat
snug (adj.)
enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space;
a snug little apartment
snug in bed
Synonyms: cozy / cosy
snug (n.)
a small secluded room;
Synonyms: cubby / cubbyhole / snuggery