Words related to snow

neve (n.)

"field of granular snow, firn," 1843, from French névé (19c.), probably from Savoyard névi "mass of snow," from Latin nivem (nominative nix) "snow" (source of French neige), from PIE root *sneigwh- "snow, to snow" (see snow (n.)). Nivôse was the fourth month of the French revolutionary calendar, Dec. 21 to Jan. 19.

niveous (adj.)

"resembling snow," 1620s, from Latin niveus "snowy," from stem of nix "snow," from PIE root *sneigwh- "snow, to snow" (see snow (n.)).

snowball (n.)
c. 1400, from snow (n.) + ball (n.1). Similar formation in West Frisian sniebal, Middle Dutch sneubal, German Schneeball, Danish snebold. Expression snowball's chance (in hell) "no chance" is recorded by 1910.
snowbank (n.)
1779, from snow (n.) + bank (n.2).
snowbird (n.)
also snow-bird, from 1680s in reference to various types of birds associated with snow, from snow (n.) + bird (n.1). From 1923 in reference to northern U.S. workers who went to the South in the winter months to work; by 1979 in reference to tourists.
snow-blind (adj.)
1748, from snow (n.) + blind (adj.).
snowbound (adj.)
1814, from snow (n.) + bound (adj.1).
mountain in Caernarvonshire, northern Wales, from English snow (n.) + Old English dun "hill, mountain" (see down (n.2); presumably translating a former Celtic name. The height is snow-covered much of the year.
snowdrift (n.)
c. 1300, from snow (n.) + drift (n.).
snowdrop (n.)
early flower, 1660s, from snow (n.) + drop (n.).